Front Seat, Q / The Nerd, Session Seven

In the distant, apartment-building-dominated suburb, people were loafing around by their computer screens, waiting for a sign. A sign from the government. The next mission. Something worthwhile doing. Anything at all. In the meantime, their muscles atrophied slowly due to lack of use, the fat accumulated gradually in their sore bottoms, the facial hair kept… Continue reading Front Seat, Q / The Nerd, Session Seven

It’s Oh So Quiet / The Nerd, Session Six

Laguna Beach after midnight. An occasional sea breeze rustled the palm fronds. Not a soul out in the streets. C. J. was driving slowly around the empty town center. Little by little, he was getting familiar with the place and could already navigate pretty well his way around most of the quarters. He passed for… Continue reading It’s Oh So Quiet / The Nerd, Session Six

Mall. Partner. Night shift / The Nerd, Session Five

In a distant suburb, the evening was closing in. Several ugly, gray apartment complexes stood by the street in a neat row. They had been constructed in haste a decade ago as part of a massive public housing project. As of now, the vast majority of the residents were young, lonely men. Slowly, the days… Continue reading Mall. Partner. Night shift / The Nerd, Session Five

Chase. Gun shop. Agent / The Nerd, Session Four

C. J. was gazing at the black SUV on the side street and smoking a cigarette, absent-mindedly. A dark figure could be seen sitting behind the wheel. Suddenly, a group of three cars appeared in the street and raced towards him. C. J. started the Impala in a hurry and hit the road too. He… Continue reading Chase. Gun shop. Agent / The Nerd, Session Four

Valley. Laguna Beach / The Nerd, Session Three

Days were following the same old, boring pattern. They were like an endless rerun of one dull episode of a shitty telenovela, slowed down to half speed. C. J. was slouching on the couch and staring at his cell phone. Still nothing new in the government's list. He smoked the last of his joint and… Continue reading Valley. Laguna Beach / The Nerd, Session Three

Beach club. Crib / The Nerd, Session Two

Artwork of the Eye: Mirror Clothing C. J. was sitting behind the wheel of an '84 Ford Wagon and sped down the late-in-the-evening murky Beach Boulevard. The sun had already descended below the horizon, Spanish Radio was playing on the car stereo. The glaring neon lights of hotels and liquor stores kept flying by on… Continue reading Beach club. Crib / The Nerd, Session Two

LoC, luku 32: Akatemia

Kuva: Maria Mattila Odotin määräajan kulumista, päivien lipumista ohi ja kuukauden vaihtumista. En ollut Böömin reissun jälkeen puhunut kenellekään haastattelusta enkä tahtonut ajatellakaan koko asiaa. Aurinko kiersi verkkaista kehää huoneeni ikkunassa. Iltapäivisin makoilin sängyssä hiljaisen lamaantuneena. Aika tuntui noudattavan jotain käsittämätöntä logiikkaa: useimmiten sain tuskastella hitaasti matelevia tunteja, mutta silti huonekalut keräsivät huoneessani pölyä kuin… Continue reading LoC, luku 32: Akatemia