Payday. Wrap-up / The Nerd, Session Thirteen

Buddha: Berlin Ethnological Museum On the day after New Year, Fronk cashed in eight thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency. He scanned the sum in his account contentedly and, little by little, a feeling of serenity spread through his entire body. Now he could finally settle December's overdue rent, possibly repay a few loans, and most… Continue reading Payday. Wrap-up / The Nerd, Session Thirteen

Eight Days. Angel / The Nerd, Session Twelve

By evening Fronk dared to leave his apartment. He put the hood on his sweater all the way up and hurried down the stairwell. The neighborhood had turned into a shadowy ghost town. A thin layer of snow lay on the streets and yards. People had either holed up at home or travelled to their… Continue reading Eight Days. Angel / The Nerd, Session Twelve

Studio. Boredom / The Nerd, Session Eleven

A white, spacious room. Bright beams of sunlight poured in through the wide windows. C. J. saw a door in front of him and tried to approach it but then realized he was stuck. The only part of his body that he could freely move was his head. He was strapped into a heavy iron… Continue reading Studio. Boredom / The Nerd, Session Eleven

Holidays. Feast of the Sun. Bait / The Nerd, Session Ten

That day the pieces began falling into place. Right after his shift, Fronk was still way too worked up to fully get what exactly had just happened. He flung himself down on the bed to get a few hour's worth of restless sleep. Later he sipped energy drink in the kitchen and looked through the… Continue reading Holidays. Feast of the Sun. Bait / The Nerd, Session Ten

Night Flight. Outlaw. Panzer / The Nerd, Session Nine

"Anything new?" Native asked in front of the cafĂ© on Main Street, Laguna Beach. The sun was already way up. "Nah," C. J. replied tiredly. "We can probably count Whispymound Drive out." "Got ya. So, I'll continue today with Catalina." "Yep. Listen, can I maybe borrow that drone of yours tonight?" C. J. asked and… Continue reading Night Flight. Outlaw. Panzer / The Nerd, Session Nine

Zest. Preparation for the Feast. Break-in / The Nerd, Session Eight

C. J. recognized the symbol. He had seen it on the web. It was a reference to a conspiracy theory, started by a self-appointed high-level government official who claimed to be revealing the corrupt and evil deeds of the worldwide elite. C. J.'s breathing had swiftly turned shallow due to sheer excitement. "Fuckin' A, Kitty!… Continue reading Zest. Preparation for the Feast. Break-in / The Nerd, Session Eight

Front Seat, Q / The Nerd, Session Seven

In the distant, apartment-building-dominated suburb, people were loafing around by their computer screens, waiting for a sign. A sign from the government. The next mission. Something worthwhile doing. Anything at all. In the meantime, their muscles atrophied slowly due to lack of use, the fat accumulated gradually in their sore bottoms, the facial hair kept… Continue reading Front Seat, Q / The Nerd, Session Seven

It’s Oh So Quiet / The Nerd, Session Six

Laguna Beach after midnight. An occasional sea breeze rustled the palm fronds. Not a soul out in the streets. C. J. was driving slowly around the empty town center. Little by little, he was getting familiar with the place and could already navigate pretty well his way around most of the quarters. He passed for… Continue reading It’s Oh So Quiet / The Nerd, Session Six

Mall. Partner. Night shift / The Nerd, Session Five

In a distant suburb, the evening was closing in. Several ugly, gray apartment complexes stood by the street in a neat row. They had been constructed in haste a decade ago as part of a massive public housing project. As of now, the vast majority of the residents were young, lonely men. Slowly, the days… Continue reading Mall. Partner. Night shift / The Nerd, Session Five

Chase. Gun shop. Agent / The Nerd, Session Four

C. J. was gazing at the black SUV on the side street and smoking a cigarette, absent-mindedly. A dark figure could be seen sitting behind the wheel. Suddenly, a group of three cars appeared in the street and raced towards him. C. J. started the Impala in a hurry and hit the road too. He… Continue reading Chase. Gun shop. Agent / The Nerd, Session Four